Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How To Kill Ants

How to kill ants? There are many ways to kill ants, I will tell you a simple way if your strapped for cash and need instant relief. This article will deal with Fire ants. Fire ants will actually do a lot of bodily harm. Some people have an allergic reaction to the bite of the fire ant and could even die from it. Even if you’re not allergic to the bite of the fire ant you can suffer a burning bite, and it hurts.
First thing, if the fire ant is in the home. Then do an inspection; most likely you will find a dirt mound up against the foundation of the house. When you find this mound just step back and do not disturb. The next thing is if you are having a problem with fire ants in the yard where the children play, then identify where these ants are by placing a flag or something that will let you know where they are.
Some times the ant beds are not all that visible to the eye. You may have to do some searching, but it will be well worth it. Once you have located the ant nest or mound and flagged it. Then the next step is to get ready to exterminate them.
Treatment on how to kill ants
First find a good size container such as a metal pot (best), this pot should be able to hold about one half to one gallon of water and have a handle on it. Fill with water and place on stove burner and bring to a boil. You will need to make sure there are no small children around and you will need to be very very careful. You do not want to burn your self. Please use extreme caution.

Making sure the water goes into the nest, the water will travel down in the tunnels and what doesn't get wet the steam will do the rest. Just repeat for all the ant nests. Now you know how to kill ants, especially fire ants. This do it your self method has worked for me time and time again.
Remember when trying to kill any kind of pest or exterminating any pest such as roaches, fleas, bedbugs and doing it you’re self. Please be safe.


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Max Cowman said...

Ants are like mushrooms. You don’t see them anywhere at first and then the next thing you know is that, they’re everywhere, wandering in a certain area and you’re all like, “How on earth did they get there?” They’re so unpredictable and all you want to do is to get rid of them, get them out of your house. Well, your post is a blessing. Once people see this, they’ll know how to eliminate all these little critters.

Max Cowman

Selena Slough said...

The tips you provided is really a big help! We have the same problem in our house! No matter how much cleaning we do, there are still ants in the kitchen! I’ll consider taking your advice. I really do hope it works for our house too. Thanks!

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