Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hiring a Ant Exterminator service

Hiring an ant exterminator service! I know a lot of people just pick up the phone and hire an ant exterminator service because they think that is the right thing to do.
You can look at this two ways, hire a pest control company before I have a problem or wait until I have a problem before I hire someone. The preventive way is the best if you have the money.

I have been in this business for many years and I have seen people who used an ant exterminator year after year and never had a problem, it seems to me that after a few years that is a waste of money, not for the exterminator but for the home owner.

I know most of the chemicals applied in and around homes has a ninety day life expectancy, so we know that after ninety days the chemical barrier is about done for. To keep applying chemicals every month when there is no problem is a waste of time.

I can understand having a exterminating service come to your home once or twice a year even quarterly is ok to do an exterior treatment, I do believe this helps with prevention if you’re not having a problem. Instead of hiring an ant exterminator service you can always do it yourself by going to the local hardware store buying granules and spreading a barrier about 10 feet in width around the foundation of your home or structure. Either way you can get some satisfaction knowing you do have some protection. But to do this monthly is a thing of the past.

The days of an ant exterminator coming to you home and spraying around the baseboards is just not a good idea and many are refraining from doing just that.
Exterminating companies use IPM (Integrated Pest Management) in this day and time and have become very successful at controlling pest. I suppose there can be some exceptions.

Using an Ant exterminator is:

• Not having to mess with the chemicals yourself.
• Not having to keep a back log of chemicals or store room full of chemical.
• Not having to have special equipment.
• Not having to worry about whether you are applying the treatment correctly.

DIY (do it yourself) can:

• Save you money
• Let you treat at your timing
Remember the DIY can save you money only if you know what you are doing

Remember the reason most exterminating companies are successful is they have the know how and what to use. Another words they have the right products, the know how and the right equipment to do the application and that is why most people fail at being their own ant exterminator.

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